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This Mono-Meter measures EGT and and Boost.

The units are simple and small with powerful features.

Can be used as a diagnostic tool for fault finding of temperature and pressure.


Main Features:

  • 1 Mechanical Boost Input (Max 2Bar / 30psi)
  • 1 EGT input – Uses Madman TP100 probe
  • 2 External preset sensor inputs for Madman MPS2 (2Bar / 30psi and MPS5 (5Bar / 70psi) sensors.
  • Min/Max Display
  • Data logging to .csv file for all 4 channels.
  • Download log file via wi-fi
  • The units do not contain any alarm functions.



  • Before and After Turbo boost pressure assessment
  • Fuel supply and return pressure assessment
  • Coolant pressure assessment
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Engine and Autobox oil
  • Engine oil and air filter restrictions and other vacuum circuits like brakes.

Additional Options:

  • If more pressure measurements are needed, you can purchase 2 additional Madman Pressure Senders 2 bar, and 5 Bar (part numbers MPS2, MPS5).


What you get in the box:

  • 1x MONO Turbo unit
  • 1x EGT probe
  • 1x Brass Tee Piece
  • 1x pu tube
  • 1x 4-6mm adapter


Standard features:

  • Multi-Colour display screen with 2 control buttons
  • Data Logging of all inputs to internal memory, downloadable to your mobile phone
  • Max and Min Value display with reset
  • Wide input voltage range for 12 or 24V applications
  • Polarity protection for reverse polarity and over voltage
  • Flash upgradable via your phone or pc
  • 1 Year limited Warranty

User Manual

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Installation is not difficult, however some basic tools and skills are needed. Take a look at our Videos and Docs, if you understand them, You should have no problems.

Install it for me please...

Sometimes you just can't manage to do everything, even if you can. We don't have any official installers in the USA yet, however, take the kit to your favourite repair place and ask them. We will be very happy to help them with the install, maybe they even become installers !